We've completely done away with the concept of having a nylon/cotton stitched tag on the tees! All  the branding info is only printed, at the back (inside) of the tee. So no more searching for a scissor to cut off that itchy tag.

The stitching uses 100% cotton threads. As a result, even in those extended days wear or  the oppressive heat, stitching will never irritate you. Promise! :) Our Tees are double stitched to perfection. As a result no loose strands, really! 

We do not like rubber printing. There! We've said it!  We are big fans of what we call a 'No-feel' printing, what's that? Well it is the kind of print where, when you move your hand on the printed area of the T-shirt and it gives you a minimum or no-feel effect! Yes. That one! In order to achieve it we work right from choosing the right colours while designing to choosing the exact fabric colour/quality to imbibe the print.So, say no to the cheap rubber printed T-shirts. Well, mostly!

All our tees are made from 100% cotton fabric. No blends. The fabric is pre-treated for that extra soft texture. Fear no shrinkage or fading. We have taken care of it :)