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I(Abhimanyu) had to get a new T-shirt, so I went to this mall in Mumbai to get one, one that was cool for the occasion I wanted to buy it for. Yes, everyone has an occasion they're looking to buy a T-shirt for, whether you're getting one to wear to bed, to go out with friends, that signature day in college, or for that night club visit. I looked around and unlike the most popular thing to say "I couldn't find a good T-shirt to buy anywhere!" I'll tell you the truth. I found plenty of good T-shirts! But there was a problem. Every time I was at this task of getting a new T-shirt, which was too frequently, I couldn't find that perfect one easily. A T-shirt which
  • was without a rubber print,
  • gives you a good night fabric's feel
  • had good stitched shoulders & neck which would not droop down with just one wash.
I did manage to find one, but it was a struggle, man! It costed me a day's salary and a lot of time.That is what got me thinking, like any other engineer working in IT, an Ex-MBA aspirant, who was searching for reasons to quit and run away from his job as far as he possibly could, into those lush green fields of entrepreneurship. It was not easy to quit, let me tell you that! I quit with just 15 days to go for my 2 year bond to end. That was dumb, but then the excitement of finally knowing what to do took me by storm. (Yes, there's more to this story than this, which you can find HERE!)
Then began this marathon of motivational movies: Pursuit of Happyness , Cinderella man (countless times), ROCKY, and speeches: Al pacino's famous speech in that movie, Steve Job's at that convocation etc. All this just to achieve the right level of motivation to research and gather courage to start up.Then i finally trusted Rocky when he said "You gotta do what you gotta do"  and went on with my gut feeling.
We finally named it SOCRATEES and  pledged to contribute to this world and make it a better place one T-shirt a time! But why inspired from a Greek name? It’s only because I love names from Greek mythology.
Besides, Socrates said "Wisdom begins in wonder" and "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."  And I couldn't agree more! :D
Socratees, folks,is an indie clothing brand making things based on Pop-Culture. We make things inspired by a culture we live ourselves and based on things we love for people like us :). We also offer/create merch for colleges,universities,bands,events,food fights..etc


Name: Abhimanyu chowhan
T-shirt size: Large
Guilty for coming up with the idea of SOCRATEES, borrowing money to pull it off, and then using energy in kilo joules for executing it.He made sure he would never have a shirtless future! A graduate in engineering (barely), he worked with Tata consultancy services in Mumbai for almost two years and then decided to quit only to fulfill his immortal dream of starting something on his own. He also bought a DSLR cam and succeeded in not creating a photography page on Facebook. He watches every SITCOM and movie there is worth his time.His hobbies include searching for guitar chords online and singing in the shower.
Dwija Sharma @ www.socratees.inName: Dwija Sharma
T-shirt size: Small 
She did her M.Pharm. from NMIMS, Mumbai and has worked for Pfizer and Zydus-Cadila for more than 3 years together. While at her job, In her time apart from work she managed our books and criticized our catalog size :P. In September, 2015 right before our 2nd birthday, she quit her job to celebrate and join us full-time!
A big fan of Calvin & Hobbes, she can spot a donut place from a distance! She loves cycling and travelling.

Name: Avijit chowhanAvijit chowhan
T-shirt size: Medium
He is guilty of being the brother of Abhimanyu chowhan. He is currently pursuing Civil engineering from Faculty of Technology MSU vadodara.He is the inventory manager and a supreme help to socratees. He tries hard and almost succeeds in roping in those merchandising deals. He likes wearing our own t-shirts. His hobbies include writing sad sentimental poetry, tirelessly scrolling images on 9GAG and likes, and lately finding problems with his priceless bajaj pulsar.